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Intervention Phase

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Case Study 1: Workplace Rehabilitation

Phase 4: Intervention Phase

Following commitment of the GP and worker to the RTW Plan (suitable duties), we would then confirm the acceptance of the employer to provide suitable duties within the workplace. The Consultant would work very closely with the employer to ensure they are closely aligned to the return to work process and involved in the monitoring of the worker.

Given the identified barriers, it may be valuable to coordinate and attend a further short meeting with the employer and worker to implement the RTW Plan (suitable duties), confirm the worker understands how to set herself up ergonomically correct and to discuss if and when she would be attending treatment and further reviews with the surgeon.

A collaborative approach between the immediate supervisor and the injured worker would ensure success at this point in time. Ensuring that both the injured worker and supervisor are clear about what a graded return entails, what reasonably can be expected of the injured worker in relation to ongoing treatment needs during work hours and expectations in regard to notifying all parties of any deviation away from the RTW Suitable Duties Plan. In addition, the Consultant would ask the insurer for a copy of the Injury Management Plan (IMP) and supply a copy of this to the client.

At this stage, the injured worker needs to understand clearly that they are an active participant in the rehabilitation process and not a passive bystander. The consultant would clearly articulate this to the worker and ensure they have signed all documentation, including the consent form, RTW plan and IMP.

Injury Treatment’s Workplace Rehabilitation model incorporates 6 phases

1. Triage and screening Phase

2. RTW Assessment & Medical Management Phase

3. Strategy Development Phase and Case Streaming

4. Implementation Phase

5. Monitoring Phase

6. Outcome Phase