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Monitoring Phase

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Case Study 1: Workplace Rehabilitation

Phase 5: Monitoring Phase

Following implementation of the graded RTW plan and agreement on the strategy to improve the clients’ condition and working capacity, we would closely monitor her to ensure our objectives were met.

Monthly workplace meetings would occur to review the clients progress clinically and according to the RTW Plan. This would involve an onsite 45 minute meeting with the injured worker and employer where discussion would occur regarding how she had coped with each stage of the RTW Plan and confirmation that she could increase her hours / duties as recommended.Further ergonomic advice would occur and the Consultant would ensure the ergonomic principles had been adhered to. Finally the Consultant would discuss the injury status, treatment being undertaken and outcomes from the surgical consultations.

Prior to each monthly review meeting, the Consultant would liaise with the treating GP and other medical parties (eg. Surgeon) to obtain their input into the workers progress and ability to increase her hours and upgrade her restrictions. The Consultant would also liaise with the employer and insurer prior to each meeting to determine if they had any agenda items which needed to be addressed. Fortnightly telephone conversations would occur with the employer, worker and GP to keep parties informed and ensure that all parties are committed to the process. Any barriers that arise during this phase would be quickly identified and addressed at the monthly workplace meetings. Consistent messages need to be communicated to avoid ambiguity about duties, upgrades and roles and responsibilities. Communication will be verbal and supported by an email which outlines agreed actions following meetings to all parties.

Injury Treatment’s SE Workplace Rehabilitation model incorporates 6 phases

1. Triage and screening Phase

2. RTW Assessment & Medical Management Phase

3. Strategy Development Phase and Case Streaming

4. Implementation Phase

5. Monitoring Phase

6. Outcome Phase