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Outcome Phase

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Case Study 1: Workplace Rehabilitation

Phase 6: Outcome Phase

Once the injured worker has successfully upgraded her duties and hour to a point that she can safely and symptom free manage her pre-injury duties, the Consultant would then attend a medical case conference with the worker and her GP to discuss the provision of a PID’s medical certificate.At this conference the Consultant would confirm no further treatment is required and if this is so, would ensure the GP ticks “final” on the medical certificate.

Upon receipt of the pre-injury duties certification, Injury Treatment would contact the employer and the insurer (within 2-3 hours) to update them on this. Also, a placement meeting would be scheduled with the worker and employer at which it would be confirmed that the worker had been able to manage their pre-injury duties with no difficulty, no flare ups had occurred and to ensure they understand correct ergonomic principles moving forwards. This placement meeting would occur within 3-4 weeks of the final medical certificate being obtained. Following the meeting, and subsequent discussion with the insurer, the Consultant would generate a Closure / Placement Report to all parties and at this time they would diarise to liaise with the worker, employer and the insurer at the 13 week mark to ensure the placement had been durable and no difficulties had occurred.

Injury Treatment’s Workplace Rehabilitation model incorporates 6 phases

1. Triage and screening Phase

2. RTW Assessment & Medical Management Phase

3. Strategy Development Phase and Case Streaming

4. Implementation Phase

5. Monitoring Phase

6. Outcome Phase