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Strategy Development and Case Streaming

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Case Study 1: Workplace Rehabilitation

Phase 3: Strategy Development and Case Streaming

As mentioned, the Injury Treatment Consultant would then coordinate and attend a medical case conference with the injured worker and their NTD. At this conference the Consultant would further discuss the proposed Return to Work plan (if approval had not already occurred) and would also re-confirm (with the injured worker present) the RTW goal according to the Workcover Hierachy and timeframe for this to be achieved. Discussions would be held to clarify the diagnosis and treatment options for the injured worker given the more recent referral to the Hand Surgeon. From a medical management perspective, having an accurate diagnosis and ensuring that evidence based treatment interventions follow a clinical justification model, will ensure that costs and durations are minimised and hence achieve a sustainable health outcome for the injured worker. Once signed off by all parties, the Consultant would then provide the worker, employer and insurer with a copy of the RTW Plan (suitable duties) No.1.

Immediately following the GP conference, the Consultant would liaise with the insurer and the employer to inform them that an upgraded medical certificate had been obtained, the date and time of the specialist review, the confirmed RTW goal and the timeframe for commencement of suitable duties. The Consultant would then obtain written information from the treating surgeon (via a questionnaire) then distribute in the desired format to all parties a strategic RTW Plan Report within 5 days of the workplace assessment, providing all the details relating to the injury, barriers and strategies to mitigate the barriers as well as agreed ongoing interventions, communication, costs and reporting agreed requirements. Once submitted, the Consultant would contact the insurer and the employer to further discuss the recommendations.

Injury Treatment’s Workplace Rehabilitation model incorporates 6 phases

1. Triage and screening Phase

2. RTW Assessment & Medical Management Phase

3. Strategy Development Phase and Case Streaming

4. Implementation Phase

5. Monitoring Phase

6. Outcome Phase