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The Triage and Screening Phase

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Case Study 1: Workplace Rehabilitation

Phase 1: Triage and Screening Phase –Operations Manager Workplace Rehabilitation

Upon receiving the referral for this injured worker from the insurer and the employer, the following factors would be considered and assessed by the Injury Treatment Operations Manage (SE) during this phase to determine the most appropriate Senior Consultant to be assigned to the referral.

The screening stage is vital in establishing the type of intervention that is likely to be required and the possible barriers that will prevent a successful RTW outcome in a timely manner. This referral would be allocated to a Senior Consultant by the Operations Manager who hopefully has some of the following experience

  1. previously worked in a hand therapy clinic or with hand injuries,
  2. has experience in conflict resolution and negotiation,
  3. has worked with the identified insurance Case Manager and employer previously, and
  4. has extensive experience in conducting ergonomic assessments.

Following allocation of referral an email is sent to agent and employer to confirm receipt of referral and consultant contact details (24 hours) and this is accompanied by a letter in the post to all parties.

Injury Treatment’s Workplace Rehabilitation model incorporates 6 phases

1. Triage and screening Phase

2. RTW Assessment & Medical Management Phase

3. Strategy Development Phase and Case Streaming

4. Implementation Phase

5. Monitoring Phase

6. Outcome Phase