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Case Study 2: Vocational Rehabilitation

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Case Study 2: Vocational Rehabilitation

An injured worker who is female, 42 years of age and was employed as an aged care worker. The injured worker sustained injuries to her right knee and right shoulder from lifting a client in the workplace. The original incident occurred three years ago and the injured worker was terminated six months ago and has been sending in job diaries every month. Currently the worker is fit for suitable duties twelve hours a week; however her pre injury hours are thirty. The worker also has a driving restriction of twenty minutes and reports ongoing chronic pain.

The following barriers will require management in order to facilitate a successful return to work:

Injury Treatment’s Vocational Rehabilitation model incorporates five phases

Referral and Case Review Phase

Initial / Vocational Assessment Phase

Strategy Development Phase and Case Streaming Phase

Vocational Intervention Phase

Post Placement Monitoring & Outcome Phase