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Post Placement Monitoring & Outcome Phase

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Case Study 2: Vocational Rehabilitation

Post Placement Monitoring & Outcome Phase

Through the provision of intensive job seeking education and job seeking assistance, Injury Treatment assist the injured worker in the obtainment of employment as a Dementia Support Worker with employer working 30 hours per week.

The injured worker’s earnings are greater than her pre injury earnings and the role is aligned with her medical restrictions.

A workplace assessment is conducted and suitable duties schedule is prepared for the injured worker as part of the post placement monitoring period for 13 weeks.

Injury Treatment monitor, the injured worker on a weekly basis for the initial 4 weeks of employment, and every fortnight from then (4-13th week).

If employment is sustained for 13 weeks (i.e. durability), Injury Treatment will then recommend the closure of the injured worker’s file.

Injury Treatment’s Vocational Rehabilitation model incorporates 5 phases

Referral and Case Review Phase

Initial / Vocational Assessment Phase

Strategy Development Phase and Case Streaming Phase

Vocational Intervention Phase

Post Placement Monitoring & Outcome Phase