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Referral and Case Review Phase

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Case Study 2: Vocational Rehabilitation

Referral and Case Review Phase

Upon receipt of referral, the Injury Treatment Operations manager would contact the referring agent (within 24 hours) to acquire additional information in regards to the claimant in order to match the referral with the most appropriate senior consultant. Factors taken into consideration at this time include nature of referral, nature of injury, date of injury, complexity of claim as reported by agent, the industry in which the injured worker has been employed and the geographical residence of which the injured worker resides. In light of the specific case study, Injury Treatment would refer this client to one of our senior rehabilitation consultants who has extensive experience working with injured workers in the Aged Care / Health Service Industry with varying physical injuries. Following allocation of referral an email is sent to agent and employer to confirm receipt of referral and consultant contact details (24 hours).

Upon allocation of referral, our rehabilitation consultant would review all documentation available, conducting a gap analysis of additional documents required and specific information to be acquired from the agent. Taking into consideration the case study the questions most likely to be asked of the agent at first contact (within 24 hours) would be

  1. has the injured worker had occupational rehabilitation services in any capacity prior to this time and what were the outcomes?
  2. has an recent IME, IMC occurred with this case and what were the outcomes?
  3. what treatment has the injured worker undertaken and were any gains made and if not, why not?
  4. what is the injured worker’s pre injury earnings, current earnings and what section of the act are they currently receiving benefit under?
  5. are there any compliance / safety or other issues that may impact on our ability to contact the injured worker?
  6. Does the previous employer wish to remain updated in regards to progress of the injured worker’s occupational rehabilitation?

Pending provision of this information, our rehabilitation consultant would contact the injured worker (within 24 hrs of receipt of referral) to discuss reason for referral and role of Injury Treatment combined with the injured worker’s rights and responsibilities whilst in receipt of S38/S40 workers compensation benefits.

Further, it is at initial contact, that our rehabilitation consultant would organise the Initial / Vocational Assessment meeting time (to be conducted within 5 business days). Further, our rehabilitation consultant may also contact the employer, if deemed appropriate by the agent (within 24 hours) to acquire any additional information and to relay nature of referral.

To ensure optimal communication across all parties, we would send an email to agent and employer to confirm the Initial / Vocational Assessment appointment date, time and location.

Injury Treatment’s Vocational Rehabilitation model incorporates 5 phases

Referral and Case Review Phase

Initial / Vocational Assessment Phase

Strategy Development Phase and Case Streaming Phase

Vocational Intervention Phase

Post Placement Monitoring & Outcome Phase