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Vocational Intervention Phase

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Case Study 2: Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Intervention Phase

As is identified in Initial / Vocational Assessment and Strategy Plan the injured worker requires intensive job seeking education and assistance given her limited job seeking skills and previous independent job seeking attempts. Tailoring job seeking modules to the injured worker’s needs it is identified that she requires 6 of the 10 modules job seeking education modules including: 1) resume and cover letter preparation; 2) how to disclose the workers compensation injury 3) how to register with employment agencies 4) how to register with job network providers 5) how to apply for advertised job vacancies 6) how to apply for non advertised vacancies.

Following the provision of job seeking education (to be completed within 14 days approval of strategy plan), intensive job placement activities occur (provided over a 13 week period with all attempts to place in employment within this period) in order to achieve an optimal return to work, different employer outcome.

Specific job seeking activities occur as follows:

Results of Medical and Vocational Intervention Tailored to Injured Worker’s Needs

Through the provision of appropriate physical and psychological treatment and subsequent review/s with the GP, Injury Treatment is successful in the upgrade of the injured worker to permanently modified duties, working 30 hours per week. Further, through the identification of appropriate vocational goals and the provision of intensive job seeking education and job placement assistance, Injury Treatment are successful in placing the injured worker in to sustainable employment with her current wages exceeding her pre injury earnings.

Injury Treatment’s Vocational Rehabilitation model incorporates 5 phases

Referral and Case Review Phase

Initial / Vocational Assessment Phase

Strategy Development Phase and Case Streaming Phase

Vocational Intervention Phase

Post Placement Monitoring & Outcome Phase