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Health and Wellbeing

Injury Treatment offers a range of innovative health and wellbeing services:

  • Individual Health Checks
    Designed to assess and address overall health of staff to improve health and fitness. 

  • Pre-employment Assessments
    A customised assessment of an organisation’s requirements, taking into account the physical requirements of the role for which the candidate is applying, as well as general health and health history considerations. Assessments are comprehensive and reporting is concise and informative. Can be combined with drug and alcohol testing where required.

  • Job Dictionary / Suitable Duties Register
    A report detailing physical demands of the duties performed at the workplace. Creating a register of tasks enables a person managing the return to work process to clearly provide the treating professionals with information relating to the work an organisation is involved in as well as suitable duties that can be completed to allow a more rapid return through a graded program.

  • Fitness for Duty Assessments
    A comprehensive assessment of an employee’s ability to complete their normal or alternative duties.

  • Onsite Physiotherapy Programs
    Acts as an early reporting mechanism for employees, and is often the first line of defense for an organisation in managing injuries quickly and allowing employees to continue in their working and social lives safely.

    Where appropriate, treatment programmes are conducted at the work­place mirroring the functional requirements of the em­ployee’s pre-injury role.

  • Workplace Exercise Programs
    Onsite exercise programs are aimed at ensuring the workforce maintains their physical ability to perform the physical demands of their role.

  • Preventative Ergonomic Assessments
    Assessing and educating staff to understand the key areas of risk for office based workers, how to prevent injury occurring and stretches that can be used throughout the working day.
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