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Acute Wry Neck (torticollis)

Acute wry neck is a common and painful neck injury. It most commonly occurs after a sudden movement, most commonly rotation. Acute wry neck sufferers usually suffer from sudden onset neck pain and limitation of movement caused by compression of the nerves in the neck and subsequent reflex neck muscle spasm.

Disc Related

Disc related wry neck is related to an irritation of the discs in the neck it is usually slow onset and most commonly felt after sleeping in an unusual posture. Symptoms include a dull constant pain in the lower part of the neck with associated muscle spasm. Sometimes pain is also felt in the thoracic spine between the shoulder blades.

Joint Related

Joint related wry neck is usually of quicker onset and results from a sudden movement of the neck. Symptoms include sharp pain, muscle spasm and loss of movement. This is due to a compression of the nerves in the neck or a joint sprain. The neck is usually “stuck” in one position, most commonly rotated to one side and bent forward.