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Nerve Related Injury

Referral of pain from cervical spine or thoracic spine

Shoulder pain that is referred from the neck may or may not be accompanied by pain or stiffness in the neck and/or upper back. The pain in the shoulder may follow injury to the neck such as whiplash or may be accompanied by long term or sustained poor neck and upper back posture. Referred pain in the shoulder may also be accompanied by pins and needles, loss of strength, sensitivity or pain in any other part of the upper limb such as the elbow, wrist or hand.

Proper diagnosis should be obtained before treatment options are explored.

Suprascapular Nerve Injury

The suprascapula nerve can be damaged with scapula fracture, forward or backward shoulder dislocation, or by repetitive external pressure over the scapula such as with a backpack. Symptoms include pain around the upper back part of the shoulder, weakness with outward rotation of the shoulder and elevation of the shoulder to the side through 80?-120?.