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Continuing Innovation - Coaching Programs to Address Psychosocial Risks

At Injury Treatment we continuously look for ways to improve our clinical practice and drive outcomes. Understanding the critical importance of psycho-social factors in the return to work journey Injury Treatment have now developed a series of coaching programs to ensure workers who need it get intensive best practice and tailored barrier specific support from the very start of their rehabilitation program.

Using objective screening tools our consultants identify workers with significant psycho-social issues and offer them the opportunity to participate in an intensive four session coaching program to mitigate and overcome key barriers to return a work.

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Our Coaching programs target four key areas:

  1. Motivation
  2. Resilience
  3. Adjustment to Injury
  4. Effective Injury Management

Complimenting the case management process they provide workers the chance to partner with consultants with specialist knowledge and expertise in these areas.

For more information see our program outline.