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Improve the Health of Your Workforce for FREE

In our December newsletter, we were pleased to inform you that we had been selected as one of the providers contracted by the NSW Government to support workplaces to get healthy through a FREE workplace health service called Get Healthy at Work. This NSW Government initiative makes it easy for workplaces to support workers in making healthier food choices, becoming more physically active, maintaining a healthy body weight, quitting smoking or reducing harmful alcohol use.



Injury Treatment has worked with over 30 businesses since the initiative began, helping them identify their main health focus and then setting in place some action plans and strategies to develop their workplace health and wellbeing programs.  Workers received brief health checks which identified  their risk of diabetes and heart disease (with counselling after the findings) and some strategies to help them improve health and general wellbeing overall.  Some also took up additional free government telephone coaching for services related to weight management and quitting smoking. Each business received a report of de-identified findings after 50 assessments were conducted, giving them insight on the health of their workforce and where their wellbeing challenges lie.

To further complement this government service, Injury Treatment can also complete additional health assessment measures such as; blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol testing for a small fee if business are keen to determine even more about the health status of their workforce.

For more information on Get Healthy at Work visit or if you’d like Injury Treatment to assist your business with registration for Get Healthy at Work, health check and workplace health program please contact Judy Jankovics, Manager – Injury and Illness Prevention and Management Services on 02 8746 3314. 

Businesses can select Injury Treatment as their service provider during the registration process by quoting our service provider ID: SPINJ3654.