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Injury Treatment Innovates with New Evidence Based Clinical Framework

To demonstrate Injury Treatment’s status as a true leader in health care, they have been working to enhance the structure and theoretical underpinnings of our barrier mitigation model. This has culminated in the development of a biopsychosocial clinical framework which was rolled out across the business in March 2016.

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The Bioipsychosocial Clinical Framework is founded on six pillars:

  1. BPS Screening through the use of targeted questioning which is followed up with the use and interpretations of relevant screening tools
  2. The identification, categorisation, prioritisation of barriers according to our four barrier categories; Psychosocial, Medical, Functional, and Workplace / Vocational.
  3. The collaborative setting of SMART goals and strategy with reference to desired outcomes, usually an increase in capacity or an improvement in work status
  4. The review of strategy in light of ongoing assessment
  5. The demonstration of case progress toward the stated goals
  6. The documentation and reporting of progress toward the stated goals.

Each intervention with the client will result in measurement of and reporting back on progress against the desired goals:

  1. Case conferences will measure improvement in capacity as evidenced by the certificate of capacity and case conference minutes endorsed by all parties
  2. Workplace meetings will measure improvement in work status as evidenced by endorsement of the suitable duties plan upgrading schedule
  3. Vocational Counselling sessions will measure improvement against Vocational and Psychosocial goals documented in Vocational Counselling worksheet
  4. Strategic File Reviews and Status reports will tie all of these together and report on progress against all factors.

Injury Treatment is confident that these enhancements will result in improved value for our customer and we look forward to reporting back to you about the positive impact upon costs, durations and outcomes over the coming months!