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Injury Treatment Reveals How To Reduce Time Lost Through Early Intervention

Injury Treatment are experts in developing and implementing Early Intervention systems and strategies to help mitigate and manage injury and illness in your workplace.  We work with a range of scheme agents, self and specialised insurers, large corporates and small employers.

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We can show you how it’s possible to reduce and even eliminate time lost following a claim through the implementation of a robust early intervention system that includes the following components:

  • Job Task Analyses that detail the functional requirements of your key roles;

  • Suitable Duties Registers that detail all the duties available within and between your key roles;

  • A Medical Provider Network;

  • Supervisors and Managers that have the skills and knowledge to effectively manage incidents and injuries in the workplace;

  • A clear incident notification procedure;

  • A KPI framework that fosters the involvement and support of your Supervisors and Managers;

  • A method by which you can screen and assess case risk and apply the appropriate strategy to mitigate the risk.

We would welcome the opportunity to come and talk to you further about your current system, and any enhancements that could be offered to improve and build on what you currently do. We’re also happy to share some results we have achieved over the past couple of years in this area.

Read more in our brochure for Optimise Organisational Illness and Injury Prevention and Management Services below or contact our National Account Management Team on 1300 622 734.