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Integrated approach to achieve your benchmarks


Make your benchmarks our benchmarks

Are you rewarded based on the timeliness of your outcomes? Do you need your provider to meet key benchmarks to achieve these outcomes? Would you like to be able to define the improvement in certified capacity, work capacity or GAS score you expect to see on your next referral?


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Injury Treatment has integrated systems that allow you to set the expectations for the products we deliver. These expectations are built into our products allowing you to see our performance against these expectations for easy comparison with our competitors. This results in better and faster outcomes for our clients and customers. Talk to a member of the National Account Management team about the benchmarks that matter to you. 

One thing's for certain in 2017

Despite 2016 being a year of uncertainty abroad with Brexit and the Trump election several thousand Australians have increased their personal security through partnership with Injury Treatment. In 2016 Injury Treatment assisted 2187 Agent case managers, 6468 RTW coordinators and 8989 clients to achieve recovery, return to function and paid work. 

Injury Treatment works within every location and jurisdiction of Australia. Of the 8989 clients we assisted in 2016, 3398 have lived outside of the capital cities.

Injury Treatment has a rapidly expanding office network and combining that network with our vast hub network means that we are able to assist you with your regional cases as readily as those in metropolitan hubs.