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No Suitable Duties? No Problem!

The reality for many employers is that suitable duties cannot always be located for their injured employees. Reasons for difficulty locating suitable duties may include concerns over the safety of returning the employee to their usual work area; the accessibility or location of alternative work areas; or difficulties providing suitable duties that are operationally viable within budget constraints.

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The good news is this need not be a problem! Injury Treatment is able to arrange an alternative work environment for your staff member. We will match our network of employee contacts to your employee’s rehabilitation needs and transferrable skills to facilitate participation in suitable duties and an improved recovery. A delay in return to work for your employee can have significant ramifications and results in increases of Workers Compensation premiums. Providing the opportunity for Recovery at Work will facilitate an earlier recovery and return to normal duties as was recently demonstrated with an injured employee who was referred to Injury Treatment in the case study below:

“Mr R was a full-time carpenter who suffered an injury to his right dominant hand. Mr R was unable to return to his role which required constant operation of hand and power tools for a period of 12 weeks until he fully recovered. In the meantime, Mr R had capacity to perform other work which did not require constant gripping. As Mr R’s employer didn’t have any suitable duties available, he was referred to Injury Treatment to ascertain his transferrable skills. 

Injury Treatment utilised its Host Employer network and sourced a 12 week Work Trial where Mr R was able to work as a Hardware Sales Assistant performing customer service duties. His strong communication skills and knowledge of the building and construction industry meant that he could remain in a regular routine of work and participate in a graded return to work plan.

Following the 12 week Work Trial and the full recovery of Mr R’s hand, he was able to return to his full pre-injury duties as a carpenter with his previous employer.”

If you’d like to know how Injury Treatment can assist your workplace with staff returning to normal duties sooner through facilitated suitable duties, please contact our customer team on 1300 622 734.