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On-site Physiotherapy Service

On-site Physiotherapy Service is a concept being increasingly embraced within occupational health and safety circles, particularly by companies who employ a large manual workforce. This service involves the attendance of an experienced physiotherapist to the site of the employer utilising on-site physiotherapy, providing 20-40 minute consultation sessions to staff either experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort / pain or who would like education on safe work practises. In setting up this service, Injury Treatment provides all necessary equipment and supplies, and only require the provision of an appropriate room in which the consultations can take place. The physiotherapist will also undertake site ‘walk throughs’ to support supervisors and facilitate workers’ compliance with safe working practices.

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Why implement an on-site physiotherapy service? Musculoskeletal injuries (lower back and shoulder injuries in particular) are at epidemic proportions throughout Australia's manual workforce and have become a costly financial burden for the employer. On-site physiotherapy is proven to significantly decrease these costs by providing:

  • Early intervention - early detection of injuries and immediate intervention — Expert treatment and advice in the initial 48 hours post injury is essential in minimising the duration and severity of a strain or sprain type injury. This results in a reduced number of minor injuries progressing to become lost time injuries.
  • Reduction in WorkCover claims — Injuries which are treated on-site and managed immediately on-site have shown to significantly reduce the frequency of injuries progressing to WorkCover claims, ultimately leading to significant cost savings to the employer, i.e. a reduction in the Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) in line with targets set by the WorkCover.
  • Ongoing management — The ongoing treatment of injuries on-site equates to a decrease in the number of consultations off-site, thereby reducing the time off work for travel and treatment, and making the sometimes arduous process of seeking treatment for minor injuries less intimidating and more convenient.
  • Monitoring process — Monitoring the progress of injured employees allows for judgement to be made as to the appropriateness of the level of service being provided. Employees can be directed to more appropriate means of treatment such as sports physicians, surgical consultations, rehabilitation or counselling. This onward referral would only occur if necessitated by the severity or duration of the injury symptoms.
  • Review process — Injury Treatment compile monthly statistics based on information attained from each individual employee who is treated on-site by the Injury Treatment Physiotherapist. The compilation of statistics produces an array of useful information for employers from the overall number of treatment sessions utilised, the type of injuries being sustained, what work related tasks are attributed with causing the injury, and the number of work related injuries prevented from progressing to claims. Proper analysis and use of this information permits the employer to better understand their workplace injuries, thereby assisting in the development of targeted prevention strategies.

If you or your organisation would be interested in discussing the implementation of On-site Physiotherapy services further, please call 0414 433 483 or email

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