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Resilience at Work

The one constant in the modern workplace is change. Technology, globalisation, changing economic cycles, career mobility and increasing competition have all seen an exponential rate of change in Australian workplaces.

Yet for most people change is hard work. New ways of working challenge confidence. New relationships take time and energy to build. Uncertainty creates anxiety. Managers need to both manage their own fears, doubts and uncertainties and simultaneously drive new behaviours all at the same time. It’s a big job for anyone.
Even when a change process seems to have run smoothly, businesses will often see a significant fallout in the following months. Employees who have become disengaged will often walk with their feet. Others will stay but productivity or personal health and wellbeing can be impacted at a real cost to the business.  Crucially organisational capital in both trust and good can be burnt and sorely tested damaging an employers longer term reputation and ability to attract talent.

There is however a growing body of research coming out of the field of positive psychology that offers us an opportunity to do things differently. Now a mainstay of training for both the US and Australian Defence forces, training in resilience has been shown to make a real and measurable difference to how we not only deal with stress but how we problem solve, think about the future, build relationships and even feel about the world. For organisations resilience training offers the chance to not only help employees manage stress but actually grow and thrive through the process. Rather than traditional change management programs that focus on helping individuals adapt resilience training increases employees broader change readiness capability. It gives them a set of skills they can draw on across all aspects of their personal and professional lives.
And the exciting thing is its easy! Simple exercises and behaviours repeated over time will build the capability to effectively and successfully manage and drive change.
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