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Targeted Psychometric Tools Yield Greater Return to Work Success


In response to challenges in determining capacity to perform duties in the workplace for workers with psychological injuries, Injury Treatment has developed a targeted assessment that matches psychological capacity to task analysis. The assessment utilises standardised psychometric tools to provide an evidence based determination of capacity. In the trial phase of the product launch 13 referrals were received from a large government agency. After only 2 months, 6 workers had returned to pre-injury duties, 2 workers had successfully been placed with a new employer and 1 had returned to suitable duties with a short timeframe for return to pre-injury duties. Capacity for work was successfully achieved and early identification of change in return to work goal was identified allowing commencement of job seeking for 2 workers. Based on evidence gathered from the assessment and other sources 2 claims were declined.

Initial Psychological Workplace Capacity Assessment:

This assessment methodology has been incorporated into our Psychological Same Employer service offering alongside additional enhancements including:

  1. An increased emphasis on Early task analysis of the Psychological / cognitive demands of the pre-injury role and identification of suitable duties

  2. Use of the DASS 21, Occupational Stress Inventory and Domains of Function Assessment to inform capacity upgrading at the initial case conference

  3. Employer coaching around the clinical and claims management aspects of return to work to support recovery, return to work and minimise lost time

  4. The ability to provide RTW facilitation meetings engaging parties involved in workplace conflict within the early stages of return to work, or provide external mediation where the conflict is more significant.

Psychological Functional Assessment:

To support outcomes for our claimants with Psychological claims (either primary or secondary) Injury Treatment has developed a strong Psychological Capacity Evaluation product. This product can be used to confirm capacity for a return to suitable duties, pre-injury duties or with reference to suitable employment within the original employer or new employer environment. This intervention uses the following assessment methods:

  1. MOCA – Test of cognitive function

  2. DASS 21 – screens for symptoms of Depression, Anxiety and Stress

  3. MSE – Mental State Examination

  4. TOMMS –  Test to ensure maximum effort was displayed during the assessment items

  5. Domains of Function Assessment – Structured questioning regarding psychological capacity at home and in the community

  6. WAIS IV– in instances where there is a question regarding intellectual ability such as post brain injury.

Injury Treatment offers a related Fitness For Duty Assessment for use on non-workers compensation cases.  This provides information to the employer about the worker’s psychological capacity to continue to perform the inherent requirements of their pre injury role (with specific reference to tasks).