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  • Breakfast... It's "The Bottom Line" to a Healthier Workplace 29.06.16

    In our last newsletter we were pleased to advise you that Injury Treatment is one of the providers contracted by the NSW Government to support workplaces to get healthy through a FREE workplace health service – “Get Healthy At Work”. This month, we are delighted to announce that the funding for the...

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  • Positively Impact Worker Wellbeing with “The Health Benefits of Work” 28.06.16

    According to WorkCover’s latest public relations handouts to medical practitioners, “work generally is shown to be good for health and wellbeing”, and “Research shows that early return to work is important to recovery”. Despite the evidence of health and wellbeing benefits of work, there has been a ...

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  • No Suitable Duties? No Problem! 28.06.16

    The reality for many employers is that suitable duties cannot always be located for their injured employees. Reasons for difficulty locating suitable duties may include concerns over the safety of returning the employee to their usual work area; the accessibility or location of alternative work area...

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  • Mental Illness Disclosure - Knowing your Limits as an Employer 28.06.16

    Boundaries are a common area of thought, professional debate and clinical intervention in professions which work with individuals dealing with mental illness. In counselling settings the invitation that is made to clients to alter the normal boundary around what information they share with others an...

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  • How the West was Won in 2016 28.06.16

    Only a few short months ago, Injury Treatment announced our approval from WorkCover WA to provide all Workplace Rehabilitation services in WA.  Since then, we’ve been busy opening a new office, growing our customer base and expanding our multidisciplinary team in the West which now includes occupati...

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